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Welcome to the Definitive Industry Forum for Advancing Cell Therapy for Autoimmune Disease Drug Development

The Cell Therapy for Autoimmune Disease Summit is an unparalleled, pioneering event that unites leading experts and stakeholders in this exciting emerging field. This groundbreaking 2023 summit served as a platform for sharing and discussing latest advances in pre-clinical, translational, and clinical development across various cell types including CAR-T, Tregs and MSCs. These cutting-edge therapies have exhibited tremendous potential in revolutionizing the treatment landscape for chronic autoimmune diseases.   

Whether your team is ahead of the curve and currently pursuing this approach, or if you are looking to gain deeper insights into this field to advance your current pipelines, this cutting-edge conference was designed to inspire and facilitate the brainstorming of best-in-class approaches for developing more effective treatment solutions for patients affected by autoimmune diseases.  

The 2023 Summit Discussed:

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Engineer next generation cell therapies to enhance durability and facilitate long-term responses, propelling the field forward, with Gracell Biotechnologies, Kyverna Therapeutics and Luminary Therapeutics

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Uncover the latest clinical trial data demonstrating efficacy in challenging conditions such as lupus, myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis, and more, in clinical trials with Cabaletta Bio, Cartesian Therapeutics and PolTREG

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Develop safe and effective cellular therapies for autoimmune disease through discussing interventions that prioritize an optimal risk-benefit profile with Cabaletta Bio and Capstan Therapeutics

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Understand how best to develop a cell therapy for autoimmune disease clinical program effectively, discussing clinical endpoints and trial design with Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research and University of Pennsylvania

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Overcome regulatory, manufacturing and pricing challenges on the path towards late-stage clinical trials and commercialization with GentiBio, JW Therapeutics and Mesoblast