7:30 am Registration & Coffee Networking

8:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Fred Aslan President & Chief Executive Officer, Artiva Biotherapeutics, Inc

8:40 am A Look at the Past, Present & Future of the Cell Therapy Landscape


  • Reviewing the progress of cell therapies within the autoimmune disease landscape
  • Sharing an analysis of the current cell therapies currently in preclinical and clinical development 
  • Discussing the future of cell therapies in the field 

9:10 am Industry Leader’s Fireside Chat: The Promises & Challenges of Cell Therapy for Autoimmune Disease


  • What learnings can we take from the success of CAR-T and other cell therapies treating cancer?
  • How do we translate these learnings into the field of autoimmunity?
  • How will we overcome key challenges that are currently limiting clinical progression?
  • What are the pros and cons of different cell therapy modalities (CAR-T, Treg, MSC etc.)?

10:10 am Morning Break & Speed Networking


As this community unites for the first time, this session will provide valuable networking time with your peers, enabling you to forge new and lasting connections.

Demonstrating Safety & Efficacy with Positive Early Pre-Clinical Data

11:10 am Disease-Specific TCR Clusters Inform Novel Target Discovery & Therapeutics in Autoimmunity

  • Mark Klinger Vice President, Cellular Research & Innovation, Adaptive Biotechnologies


  • Overview of Adaptive's immune medicine drug discovery platform to identify naturally occuring, antigen-specific T cell receptors (TCRs)
  • Selection and characterization of antigen-specific TCR candidates to inform the development of immune-based therapies 

11:30 am In Vivo Engineering of CAR-T & CAR-NK for Autoimmune Disease

  • Phil Johnson Chief Executive Officer, Interius BioTherapeutics


  • Engineering T and NK cells directly in vivo to create antigen-specific CAR cells
  • Bypassing and eliminating all aspects of ex vivo cell manufacturing
  • Creating “faster, better, cheaper” autologous CAR cells without the need for chemotherapy

12:00 pm Advancing Early-Stage TCR Targeted Treg Cell Therapy Programs for Autoimmune Diseases with Substantial Unmet Need


  • Developing TCR-Treg therapies for tissue-specific autoimmune diseases including multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes
  • Stopping immune-mediated destruction, restore homeostasis, and promote repair in effected tissues
  • Advancing our programs with plans to initiate its first clinical study in 2024

12:30 pm Lunch Break & Networking

Identifying & Utilizing Effective Pre-Clinical Animal Models for Autoimmune Disease

1:30 pm What New Can Be Learned About CAR-T Cell Function by Using Cell & Animal Models?

  • Marko Z Radic Assoc Prof, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center


  • Screening optimal CAR structures for function in quick cell-based assays
  • Confirming function in suitable animal models (NZBWF1 and MRL/lpr)
  • Humanizing efforts may reveal new hurdles

2:00 pm Trafficking & Persistence of CAR-Treg Cells in Non-Human Primates

  • Jim Riley Professor Diabetes, CAR-Treg, University of Pennsylvania


  • Manufacturing highly enriched CAR-Treg populations
  • Assaying suppressive activity of CAR-Treg populations prior to islet transplant
  • Trafficking of CAR-Tregs after infusion into non-human primates

2:30 pm Panel Discussion: Developing Effective Pre-Clinical Models for Autoimmune Disease

  • Tiffany Chen Vice President - Discovery, GentiBio
  • Jim Riley Professor Diabetes, CAR-Treg, University of Pennsylvania
  • Marko Z Radic Assoc Prof, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center


  • Which models are we using (i.e., EAE, LPR), which models work, and how translatable are these models?
  • Do we need disease models at all? What do the regulators want to see?
  • Should in silico modelling and other non-animal model types be further explored?

3:15 pm Afternoon Break & Poster Session


As this summit runs for the first time, this is your opportunity to share as much data as possible with the community. Please get in touch if you are interested in bringing a poster!

Engineering CAR-T Therapies to Improve Durability & Facilitate Long-Term Responses

4:00 pm Developing Allogeneic Cell Therapies for B-Cell Driven Autoimmune Diseases

  • Tom Van Blarcom Senior Vice President, Head of Research, Kyverna Therapeutics


  • Promising outlook for treating autoimmune disease patients with CAR-T cells
  • Establishing benefit with autologous CAR-T cells
  • Expanding to treat this broad patient population with allogeneic CAR-T cells

4:30 pm Why a BAFF CAR for Autoimmune Versus CD19 Targeting?

  • Jeff Liter President & Chief Executive Officer, Luminary Therapeutics


Developing a unique ligand-based CAR that targets three antigen receptors provides promising therapies for both oncology and autoimmune indications

Utilizing the BAFF CAR to identify and remove autoreactive B-cells by directly targeting the B-cell activating factor receptors, eliminating the cause of inflammation at the source

5:00 pm Developing a Next Generation CAR-T for Autoimmune Disease

  • Samuel Zhang Chief Business Officer, Gracell Biotechnologies


  • Developing a dual-targeting FasTCAR-T for autoimmune disease
  • Targeting BCMA in addition to CD19 to maximize the response and promote longer-term remission
  • Demonstrating a favorable safety profile through better targeting

5:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Fred Aslan President & Chief Executive Officer, Artiva Biotherapeutics, Inc

5:45 pm Drinks Reception

6:45 pm End of Conference Day One